Certificate usage should not be construed, and is not intended to imply, that certificates for any packaged travel programs or merchandise products are provided without cost. All certificates offered are provided by third party vendor’s, so we strongly recommend that all recipients of any of the certificates offered carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the offer before purchasing the certificate or merchandis

1.  CERTIFICATE BENEFITS: Certificates offered for flights on Afrinat International Airlines are available only through selected vendors, partners, association members, and participating tourism officials in the destinations served who have a direct link to PhoenixRedemptions.com. They are designed to be offered as a promotion by Afrinat International Airlines. Please read the Terms and Conditions of the certificate offer prior to purchase.

2.  PARTICIPATING DESTINATIONS: Certificates for travel are redeemable for boarding passes on the current departure destinations of Afrinat International Airlines which include: New York (JFK), Accra (ACC), Zimbabwe (HRE), Cote d'lvoire (ABJ), Liberia (ROB), Guinea (CKY), Gambia, (BJL), Togo (LFW), Benin (COO), Cameroon (DLA), and Nigeria (LOS). Destinations are subject to review and change without not 

3.  PARTICIPATING CARRIER: PhoenixRedemptions.com is the exclusive provider of Travel Certificates for Afrinat International Airlines. Certificates are valid only on that airline and/or one of its subsidiaries. The certificates issued are redeemable for special fare tickets and must be converted to boarding passes issued by Afrinat International Airlines. All seats are coach seating only and once purchased, non-refundable. Seats are limited in number for each flight and all certificates are subject to availability as determined by Afrinat International Airlines.You are responsible for the cost of transportation to get to the departure cities of all destination cities of Afrinat International Airlines.

4. PROGRAM BENEFITS: Afrinat International Airlines certificates are available to partners on PhoenixRedemotions.com and by links provided to participating tourism and association member groups of participating destinations. All certificates must be converted to a boarding pass prior to departure in accordance with Afrinat International Airlines’ policies and procedures.

5.  EXPIRATION DATE: Travel must be completed within 3 years of the activation date of the certificate. PhoenixRedemotions.com will maintain your contact information in our data base and will advise you of your anniversary date of purchase and all special offers and incentives as they occur from time to time. This program may not be used in conjunction with and is not valid with any other travel discount program or travel promotion. This certificate is intended for promotional use only by the issuer and cannot be sold by the recipient. It has no cash surrender value.

6.  RESERVATIONS and ACCOMMODATIONS: From time to time it becomes necessary to secure hotel lodging to meet travel deadlines. Deeply discounted hotel rooms may be obtained through the favoritehotelscollection.com,an affiliate of the Priceline Partner Network. Rooms are subject to availability, prices may change at any time without notice and inventory may be limited for some dates. The quality of the hotels is based on customer feedback and user ratings.

7.  SPECIAL TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: At the time of booking, inform your travel consultant of any special travel requirements, such as handicap access, special meal requirements, etc.

8.  DEPARTURE CITIES: You may depart from any national or international commercial airport located within the continental United States where regularly scheduled flights to your JFK and West African destinations are available. Departure cities outside of the continental United States, to JFK are also available but may incur a surcharge.

9.  TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: It is important that you understand and comply with all rules and regulations established by your country of departure and arrival.

10. OBTAINING BOARDING PASSES: Certificates are issued at the point of sale. The certificate must then be converted to a boarding pass issued by Afrinat International Airlinesin conjunction with Afrinat International Airline’s Terms and Conditions for travel. You are responsible for these valuable documents once you receive them.

Note: Lost or stolen certificates are replaceable for up to two years at the original purchase price by paying 75% of the current certificate price plus the processing and handling fee. The original certificate number will then be cancelled, and a new certificate number be issued.

11. OTHER SERVICES: You are responsible for all transportation to and from your departure and arrival cities, tours, car rentals, or transportation to and from your hotel or resort. You may contact the favoritehotelscollection.com,for assistance in obtaining a hotel room, car rental etc., by entering the name of the city with your next departure.

12. FULL PAYMENT: Your certificate for Afrinat International Airlines requires full payment at the point of sale and does not include any taxes & fees. Other travel arrangements and activities may also require full payment at the time of booking. Hotel rates and other airline carrier’s rates are subject to change between the time you make the reservations and when you book your trip. You are responsible for all other taxes and fees, such as airport departure and landing fee taxes, customs duties, taxes, and fees levied by foreign governments, etc., surcharges, gratuities, occupancy and sales taxes and other customary charges, which are based on room occupancy. In some cases, these taxes and/or charges must be prepaid by you prior to check-in, if you use a hotel. All quotes and payments due are in U.S. dollars.

13. CHANGES AND REVISIONS: All changes to confirmed reservations are subject to availability. In addition to any change fees the airline, hotel or resort may levy, the airline may impose a penalty and change fees to a confirmed departure date.

14. CANCELLATIONS, REFUNDS AND PENALTIES: There are no refunds on confirmed travel certificates. Airline tickets for confirmed reservations are non-refundable and penalties apply to cancellations. Hotel or resorts will not refund for any unused nights if the trip is cancelled or cut short.

15. TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE: Trip cancellation insurance is not included as part of this purchase. Trip cancellation is an optional service available through your travel counselor or airport Kiosk. You are not required to take insurance.

16.REFUNDS: Once your reservation dates have been requested, there is no refund until after you travel unless we cannot confirm your reservation request pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of the offer. Refund requests must be made in writing and may be mailed to: ……………………… Please allow up to 60 business days for processing.

17. STATE DISCLOSURES: This offer is not valid where restricted or prohibited by law. You may cancel this certificate without any penalty or obligation within 30 days from the date of purchase or receipt of this certificate, whichever later by sending notice to ………….. No purchaser should rely upon representation other than those included in this contract. This contract is for the purchase of a certificate redeemable for travel (boarding pass) on Afrinat International Airlines and puts all assignees on notice of the consumer's right to cancel under section 559.933 Florida Statutes. Internet Revenue Specialists is registered with the state of Florida, FL# STXXXXX..

18. RESPONSIBILITY: This program, its agents, representatives, officials, and suppliers of services pursuant to, or in conjunction with this travel program, are acting only as representatives for the facilitation of air transportation on Afrinat International Airlines.We make no representations regarding land accommodations, ground transportation, and related services, and do not assume any liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, death, loss, accident, additional expense, omissions, or delay due to act of negligence of or default by any air or ground carrier, hotel or resort, restaurant, company, organization, or person rendering any of the services included in the travel, an act of God, rerouting or acts on any government authority, sickness, pilferage, labor disputes, machinery breakdown, quarantine, government restraints, weather, or other causes beyond their reasonable and personal control. Internet Revenue Specialists is not responsible for errors or omissions that may occur in any destination brochure or advertising source.

19. PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP: Afrinat International Airlines serves several countries within its system. Passengers are required to provide proper travel documentation based on the country of departure. The certificate holder must understand and adhere to these requirements. The U.S. Government requires all guests to be in possession of a valid passport when traveling. Resident Aliens and aliens must contact the consulate to inquire about necessary travel documentation. For more information, in the United States please refer to their official website www.travel.state.gov. No refund will be made for failure to present proper documentation to board the aircraft. As per FFAs cancellation policy, all the reservations are final and non-refundable.