We are back, and we are flying! We have the same name we used to have (almost) but, we are a much different company. We are not the old “Afrinat Airlines” of the past, we are the all new “Afrinat International Airlines” and we are anxious to fly!

No longer are we just a small West African regional carrier, we have re-launched as Afrinat International Airlines with plans to fly to the business centers of the world.  Sure, we will fly to nine of our favorite regional destinations, serving our West African friends and neighbors, with two regional jets. These jets will all connect to our first international destination, with service between Accra, Ghana to New York City, New York with through service to Zimbabwe (HRE).

We have embraced a new attitude and like other partners in the West African business community, we intend to lead the way as we too embrace a “New Face of Africa for Business.”  Beginning XXXXXXXXX we will launch scheduled service, 5 days per week between Kotoka International Airport (ACC) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) with through service to Zimbabwe (HRE) with a beautiful 777-300 aircraft featuring 300 economy class seats and 30 business class seats. Our two regional Canadian Air jets features 50 economy class seats each as we will fly a daily loop serving 5 different destinations each day.

The first regional jet will feature daily service from Ghana (ACC), flying to Cote d'lvoire, Port Bouet, (ABJ); then to Harbel, Liberia, Roberts (ROB); then to Conarky, Guinea (CKY); then to Banjul, Gambia, (BJL); then back to Ghana (ACC), all in time to connect to the evening flight to New York, (JFK).

The second regional jet will feature daily service from Ghana (ACC), flying to Togo, Lome-Tokoin (LFW);  then to Cotonou, Benin (COO); then to Douola, Camaroon, (DLA); then to Lagos, Nigeria, Murtala (LOS) then back to Ghana (ACC), all in time to connect to the evening flight to New York, (JFK).

We invite you to come along and join us for a trip real soon and to get you on board, we are offering unheard of pricing incentives!

Check out our incentive!  We are offering you the opportunity to purchase certificates redeemable for a one-way fare (boarding pass) between JFK and ACC airports as well as any of our West African destinations. You may also purchase two certificates, one redeemable on a regional jet and one redeemable for connecting service to JFK. Why such a good deal? To fly with us of course!

These certificates are not like the usual airline ticket. You may purchase your certificate now and it will be good for one year from the date of your purchase. BUT, your certificate is renewable every year for a total of five years. Once you purchase your certificate, keep it until you get ready to fly, then contact the airline and they will arrange for you to convert the certificate to your boarding pass.

If you are not planning to fly in the immediate future and are debating of you need to make the certificate purchase now, be aware that we intend to keep this offer open as long as possible, but prices and availability are always subject to change without notice.

If you do purchase a certificate don’t worry, we will contact you before your certificate expires so that you will not miss out. Even better, as of our preferred customers, we will advise you on many other great travel opportunities at deeply discounted rates on a regular basis.

Don’t linger, our prices will never be this low again! Due to capacity controls the offer is limited and prices are subject to change. Getting a certificate now though is easy, just click here.