The “Phoenix” is the fictitious bird from Ancient Greek Mythology that as legend has it, lives its life, then dies only to be reborn again! The myth says that the Phoenix bird will always be reborn to live again.  It begins its new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor; always being reborn as a bird of beauty, excitement and inspiration. And so too is the story of many of our clients.

Pardon the analogy, but the rebirth of Afrinat International Airlines is, the story of the Phoenix!  Afrinat Airlines, like many other airlines, died as a results of market conditions out of their control in 2004, but in 2018 it experienced a rebirth……not as the former low cost, regional carrier of West Africa, but as an all new international airline.

On XXXXXX, Afrinat International Airlines took to the skies once again flying 5 days a week between JFK Airport in New York, USA and Kotoka International Airport with a spacious state-of-the-art 777-300, with plenty of seats. The neighboring countries took note and cleared the way for two regional jets to serve the West African nations of Ghana (ACC), Cote d'lvoire (ABJ), Liberia (ROB), Guinea (CKY), Gambia (BJL), Togo (LFW), Benin (COO), Camaroon, (DLA), and Nigeria, (LOS)

The airline discount certificate allows you, the customer, to purchase a certificate redeemable for a boarding pass on Afrinat International Airlines for international  travel between New York, NY, JFK International Airport and Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Ghana for $299.00USD plus a $14.95USD handling fee or a total purchase of $313.95USD. You may also purchase a certificate for travel within the nine West Africa countries for $129.00USD and a service and processing fee of $9.95USD or a total of $138.95USD, all in one transaction. Customers may purchase multiple certificates. Each certificate must be in the users’ legal name.Cameroon (DLA), Gambia (BJL), Zimbabwe (HRE) and Namibia (WDH) and feed passengers to this new destination.

It is more than coincidence that prompted Afrinat International Airlines seek the services of Internet Revenue Specialists to spearhead this new rebirth. They created a way to make air travel affordable through a certificate program offered through their fulfillment house, The marketing team at are not mythical creatures, but serious marketers who specialize in bringing companies back to life. 

We are excited to bring to market an affordable alternative to other high-priced legacy carriers. Come on! Check us out as we take to the skies once again! Through, it is easy and affordable. Just click here to purchase your certificates.